After reading “In praise of shadows”, the conclusion is clear: Matthieu Gicquel is going for something simpler and more sincere. Glass is textured, so why change or modify it? Perhaps the intrinsic beauty of an object that is almost ‘raw’ has as much magnetism as a more ‘pure’ object.

Matthieu Gicquel chooses plaster to texture his glass, to give his pieces a constantly random but always unique shape. He puts into practice a will that goes beyond creation as such. The strength of his creations lies not so much in them as in the approach that underpins them.

Little by little, the technique takes shape, and the “Yuugen” texture is created at 900°. The glass is textured, alive and real. Here, East and West, concept and object come together. Wabi-sabi is reinvented, and so is glass.